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As the first unique matrimonial site for khatik community, we help find the right match for you and your loved ones. It is said to marry in the same community is a privilege that assures security. So make the choice to secure your future with
a reliable match making website exclusively for Khatiks.

About khatik Samaj

The Khatik community is not a very famous clan amongst other major ones, but it is widespread in the northern India. With a bold historical meaning, they are known for their bravery, trust, and spiritual essence. As devotees of Lord Brahma, in the medieval times, they were assigned the responsibility of providing food which some of them have actively taken as their occupation today. The firm traditions, ceremonies, and customs are highlights of this unique origin. Today there are two types of Khateek those exist amongst the communities. The Soor Khateek and the Khal Rangay Khateek. Both of them have a different tradition as to their origin but belong to the same society.

The language spoken is basically Hindi but some of them speak their regional language too. The religious history of the tribe shows how people are open to changes for the betterment of society. This website is an example of the change they are willing to bring in their lives to make marriages a happier affair of choice. It is an easy way to meet people across the globe that belong to the same culture and aspire to meet their matching soul mate. For all those who are seeking for a groom/ bride in the Khatik community, you are at the right place. This website is a perfect place to take this important decision with a secure and simple procedure, keeping transparency of verification in mind.

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